3Ping Lovers! Ippu Nisai no Sekai e Youkoso

An admission that there is no merit such as this , hero and Tomohiro Kuchiki ( Kuchiki Tomohiro ) of male students .
The middle of the school one morning , he loses consciousness wrapped in dazzling light unexpectedly .
When you wake up , there was a place never seen ." Where is here ...? "
In front of Tomohiro that puzzled , two girls were standing .
Girls , tell that it has summoned the fantasy world using magic Tomohiro .
And dialogue was continued further , Tomohiro surprise more and more , so that confused .
Because for me that seemed the girls to say , and there is no merit , seems there is a " merit in " by nature .
The thing that has the effect of increasing the magical power of the semen ─ ─ Tomohiro of its merit !
Girls fighting monsters that attack the people must have strong magical power , gimme the semen to Tomohiro and in order to enhance the magic .
And in this world sense of virtue is high, begin to say should not be not married absolutely After etch even once , Futari both have requested for married .
So , one man 's is a common sense " Nitsuma Kazuo " to marry two women in the fantasy world .
In the fantasy world of common sense out , now , everything is starting days of married life and the Battle of Tomohiro ─ ─!!
Type: HCG
Censorship: Is in all files
Genre: Animation, Fantasy, Demons, Oral, Straight, Big tits, Anal, Group, Harem, Pregnant, Stockings, Pantyhose, Neko
Number of pages: 2002
Format: JPG + GIF (for the animated scenes)

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