Bareback Swim Team

Studio: Guest Studios, Eurocreme
Cast: Damian Duke, Will Forbes, Timmy Slater, Shaun Deacon, Paul Shayne, Scott Davies, CJ Jacks
Genres: oral, anal, Teens, Group

Trying out for the team, these British lads can't wait to see each other in skimpy speedos, working out their bodies and taking a break on the poolside. Showing off huge thick dicks, they are ploughed hard and fast into each others bare butts, threesomes, orgies and double peration, they work hard and play even harder, faster and deeper!!

Scene One: Horny from a long workout, these smooth swimmers get their dicks pounding down fellow trainees' throats. Long-haired Damian alongside stunners Paul and Shaun give as good as they get, their thick dicks long and proud getting a full workout as they create a circle as they suck cock!! Climbing onto Paul, Damian bounces on cock as cute smooth lad Shaun tastes Damian's throbbing meat. This threesome opens the film perfectly; you'll be hard pushed not to be rock-hard from start to finish, as Paul's dick is shared between the two. Not content with standing in the background, Damian jumps onto Shaun,pleting the daisy chain. Shaun steals the show when you see him fuck Damian, grinding down onto Paul to get his ass filled, working both young fuckers, building them to a hot creamy ass spunking.
Scene Two: Taking a break from the lengths, Timmy and CJ decide to work some other muscles and get wet another way. Cute slim dark-haired C.J. and toned Timmy get it on by the steps, bending little CJ over and rimming him hard and deep, getting his hot tongue as deep into the teammate as possible. Grinding into him, Timmy's shaft is sliding into the boy all the way. Loving it so much, he's soon riding like a cowboy, groans echoing around the pool as his cock bounces, slapping both of their abs and seeing Timmy's wet and juicy dick ramming into smooth butt totally bareback.
Scene Three: Sexy swimmer Paul returns, this time being told off by the coach for bad attitude. Wanting his place in the team, he drops to his knees and pulls out Will's hard dick, sucking down on it. Will gets so turned on, he devours Paul's cock and pushes him against the shower wall, rubbing his smooth body against his, getting Paul to scream in pleasure as his cock is tongue-teased and balls are licked. Lubing up his own butt hole with spit, Will yanks Paul to the floor and pushes that cock all the way into his ass, feeling every inch inside him as he reaches his hilt and still pushes back more. Both getting a face and mouth full of spunk, these cum-crazy lads share both loads, seeing it drip between their mouths as they kiss.
Scene Four: Talented Shaun takes Timmy's entire dick down his throat. Causing it to go even harder, Timmy pushes sexy Shaun further down as he worships the delicious dick. Both boys getting fucked hard, this versatile scene is red-hot and watching both dicks slide into each other's butts shows how horny these lads are; especially when the cum explodes out of their young cocks.
Scene Five: New boy Scott gets shown the ropes by resident hottie Paul, stripping him of his speedos and going down on his dick, both dark-haired lads are soon hard as anything and ready for some hot barebacking. Desperate to initiate the newbie himself, Paul starts pounding Scott, the thick dick stretching his tight ass as his balls slap against his butt, pushes his legs high so he gets full access to that peachy ass. Fucking in many positions to feel every sensation of deep peration, Paul laps up his own spunk and shares it with the new kid.
Scene Six: Double Fucking Orgy!! It's the final assessment and the secrets out. Coach Will has found out what a load of slags the boys are, and has decided to take full advantage. Sucking on each dick, he tests them out in one final round and gets them shagging everyone else. Shaun, Damian and C.J. all enjoy one final session together with the coach and it's one of the horniest scenes ever. Close-up fucking means we get to see the meat slide deep into willing butts as they push back, filling their ass full of throbbing dick. All lining up, it's a four-lad daisy chain, seeing all those cocks fucking butts in one go and then the ultimate double fucking, Will and Damian push their dicks in Shaun, making him moan in sheer pleasure at having two bare cocks pummeling away in his ass before being saturated in spunk.

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Duration: 2:00:59
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