EbD - Buddy Mason & Scott DeMarco (Locker Room Cock)

Scott DeMarco has come into the locker room thinking he is all alone he starts stroking his huge cock. He rubs his own body while pulling on his cock up against the locker. He keeps an eye on the door to make sure nobody walks in on him but then Buddy Mason opens the door startling Scott so he turns to face the locker and has a towel over his cock hiding it. Scott keeps stroking his big dick under the towel while giving Buddy the come fuck me look. Buddy recognizes what's going on and casually walks over to Scott and begins to pull on his cock. Buddy begins to deep throat Scott's big throbbing cock gagging and licking up and down his massive shaft. Scott is super horned up and begins to rim Buddy's ass making it wet and ready for his thick dick to push deep inside. Buddy tells him that he's ready to be fucked so Scott slowly pushes in balls deep and starts pounding Buddy's tight eager hole. Scott fucks him all over the locker room until Buddy can't keep his nut inside and unleashes his load all over his chest while Scott is still pumping away. Scott pulls out and cums all over Buddy's cum drenched chest.

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Duration: 29:47
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